Our Events

September 22nd 2012 – Panel discussion + launch

prevent.jpgThis was first public debate held into the issues of child homelessness, we hosted representatives from leading charities and psychological experts examining the push-pull factors behind child homelessness, the psychological damage sustained by vulnerable children and the physical dangers that children expose themselves to in the streets including drugs, knife crime, gangs and sexual exploitation.

Our panel members were representatives from NSPCC, Drugs & Alcohol Service London, Muslim Youth Helpline, Walou , IDU Foundation and Dr Zeyn - Neuroscience researcher from Cambridge University.







November 17th 2012 – “Hope” -collaboration with VInspired

hopeWe had young artists and street performers supporting us to raise awareness of the growing problem of youth homelessness. Through their powerful lyrics and energetic performances we challenged the locals, commuters and passerbys alike with statistic based games and we also handed out a specially designed booklet to young people about the local services available to them










December 8th 2012 “Relief”

releifWe have found through field research that homeless people are not aware of the services open to them so we partnered up with Vinspired to provide support, advice , hot food and warm clothes to the homeless in Stratford, We also took the opportunity to ask them about their experiences, find out how they had ended up on the streets and see what they felt was lacking in the current system.







Winter Campaign (January 2013)

winterWe teamed up with Al Mizan Trust - (a grant provider for vulnerable families and individuals) to deliver Winter parcels to homeless people. We were joined by Children of Adam and Rumi's Kitchen.

Thank you to all of you who supported us!









Saturday 8th June 2013 – “Breaking the Cycle”

breakWe looked at the pressing issue of youth homelessness ,as welfare reforms are debated across the country, we looked at the implications of these reforms for our young people. We also examined the 'push-pull factors' behind youth homelessness and how we as individuals and as organisations can work together to stop this issue escalating.

Our panel members were representatives from DePaul UK, Imkaan and Cllr Meric Apak. A special thanks to everyone at the Grafton for hosting our event.





 Friday 11th October 2013 – “Streethands; The Journey Ahead” One Year Anniversary

 Streethands hosted a one day conference at Derbyshire House, Kings Cross, examining the correlating issues of domestic violence and homelessness from a childs perspective. This event also marked our first birthday and we outlined our plans for 2014.


Date October 1st and 2nd 2014- "FRAGMENTS"- exhibition.


Thank you for your Art/Photography submissions, we received entries from all over the UK and even from Afghanistan. The purpose of this exhibition was to engage the public with issues of domestic violence and homelessness, we sought to tackle the stereotypes and provide a platform for people who have been affected by these issues to have a voice.

We received entries from people affected, professional artists, school children and photojournalists. This unique exhibition provided the public with a unique insight into the everyday perception of the correlating issues of domestic violence, mental health, substance misuse and homelessness.

The exhibition was a result of our #Fragments campaign where we hit the streets and asked you for your views.

With special thanks to Mostar Art, Nick Cornwell, Sonia Yekkini, Pharan Tanweer and Shillibeers venue for hosting our exhibition!