Founders Message

Message from the Founder

For me, Streethands began as a promise to the vulnerable children I came across .These children were from broken homes, fragmented relationships and had damaged spirits as a result of their experiences of domestic abuse and subsequent homelessness.

Through my line of work I became aware that much more needs to be done and that there is a real lack of specific emotional support available for children experiencing/witnessing domestic violence.

Streethands emerged on September 22nd 2012  not only as a response to these service gaps but as a realization of responsibility and a sense of duty to the estimated amount of over 750,000 children witnessing domestic violence and living in environments of fear, helplessness and guilt.

Streethands offers a holistic and soft emotional support led approach in response to vulnerable children witnessing/experiencing domestic violence. It works in partnership with other voluntary and statutory organisations as an enhancement to their existing provisions.

Domestic violence is the least reported crime, it is often regarded as a private matter, and hence victims are less likely to seek help or recognise that it is wrong. This is particularly true with children who may feel that they are ‘betraying their parents’ or might fear being ‘taken away’ by social services and/or that their situation may get worse if they involve others.

Streethands looks at domestic violence from a child’s point of view and I do hope that our exposure of these issues will evoke a sense of responsibility in all of you, we all have a duty to these children and I hope Streethands can count on you to help us support these children and break the cycle.

Soleha Khawar