About Us

We are a London based organisation driven by strong humanitarian values, our primary objective is to provide a voice for children trapped in the cycle of domestic violence hence the service model is based on prevention and intervention. We work with vulnerable children to support, nurture and reintegrate into the wider community with a strong emphasis placed on listening and emotional support.


We provide a voice for children trapped in the cycle of domestic violence, and we have found from research that children from violent homes can find themselves suffering conflicting loyalties, experiencing confusion, fear, guilt and a misplaced sense of responsibility to be 'heroes'.

We believe EVERY child deserves a childhood free of fear and we strongly campaign to increase awareness of the devastating affects of domestic violence on young lives.

Our Approach

Raising awareness

We work to raise the much needed awareness of domestic violence and its equally devastating results , such as PTSD (post-traumatic disorder), suicide, loss of self esteem and substance misuse.


We provide emotional support, encouragement and understanding to empower a child to navigate through the current systems of support to seek help, should they find themselves in this situation.


Our services are confidential which means that what you will tell us will stay with us, the only time we will have to break that confidentiality is if your life and/or well being is at threat. We will always tell you before doing this and advise you of any implications this may have.


We believe every child deserves a childhood; regardless of race, age, sex, gender, culture or religion. Our services are open to all.

Capacity Building

We build relationships with local statutory and voluntary organisations including educational institutions, through this approach we can minimise vulnerable children falling through gaps in the system and offer a holistic approach to further the impact of existing services.


We assess our projects and services on a consistent basis to ensure we are achieving our aims and not losing sight of our values. We ensure that any programs we implement are making positive differences to the lives of vulnerable children.